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I love read thoughtless articles from writers across the country that know NOTHING about hockey. they try so so hard to write an article or talk hockey and they cant. let's look at a couple of examples. After Todd Fedrouk,"Fridge" know by Flyers Fans, was smoke in a clean fight by Orr, Gary Bettman made appreence on Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia sports news show 'Daily News Live' with bunch idot writers. One writer was Marcus Hayes, you was kick off Eagles beat for being annoying in the locker room and continues that job currently as the Beat writer for phillies and John 'Flyers Fan told me i can't talk hockey' smallwood were doing a Q &A with Bettman and it went something like this....

Smallwood:Whats the point of fighting?

Bettman: When was the last time you went to a hockey game?

another great example would be Tim P's co-worker Phil Sheridan, who wrote this pointless article after the flyers season was over. this article shows this guy knows NOTHING about hockey......


he wrote this
This time last year, the Flyers were getting ready to begin an opening-round playoff series against these Sabres. They not only got themselves swept, they couldn't compete with the younger, quicker, vastly more skilled Sabres."

If, by swept, he means they won two games and took another to an OT game where they came a hit goal post with a gaping net away from winning, they got swept.

"[Peter Forsberg]: Great player, not-so-great Flyer."

As witnessed by the club's won-loss record with and without him and the fact he single-handedly won the two games in the playoff series where they got "swept" last year.

"[Daniel Briere and Chris Drury]. Get younger, not older. Get players with bright futures, not pasts."

First of all, Briere will turn 30 at the start of next season and Drury will turn 31. They aren't kids.

Secondly, the Flyers are already young enough. They need to add veterans who can help out, and it doesn't matter if the player is in his mid-30s even, so long as he's not signed to more than a two-season contract.

Doesnt this writer know that Daniel Briere and Chris Drury are in their 30's?

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Kara Yorio

Kara,Kara. if you dont like hockey, stop writing about it. her newest article entitled

"Two overtimes in the playoffs would be plenty"

is the biggest joke ever. It's sicken to talk about this article but ill summerize in two sentences or less.

In this article, she wants to take away the tradition of playoff hockey and place it with the skills competetion because she doesnt want to miss a stupid deadline with her newspaper.

now i understand why newspapers are a thing of the past.......
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