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Sympathy for a Sabre

Posted 10:39 PM ET | Comments 2
Boy, i cant argue with the NO-Goal Call against buffalo. that was a goal. this is a disgrace for NHL on so many levels that i cant explain.

NHL needs to replace those overhead camera with HD cameras.

BTW, Lindy Ruff should be embrassed for himself foR that tirade after the game instead of doing infront of the media and make ass of himself he shouyld done infront of team in locker room that didnt show up tonight.

I hope fans of other teams understand why flyers fans in general are not in love 'New NHL' or Gary Bettman.
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May 2, 2007 2:16 AM ET | Delete
You're not in love with the league because you had an awful season. Don't latch on to the lack of high definition cameras. The video reviews have been around long before the "New NHL" took hold. If you have a winning season and extend far into the playoffs, the sky won't be falling anymore and Flyer fans will want Bettman as mayor.
May 3, 2007 6:59 AM ET | Delete
it's not about the flyers having a bad season, its about how Bettman and his thugs love to call those phantom hooking or holding penalties all the time. bettman trying to turn this league into the nba, something it's not. they call these phantoms calls to destory a flow to the game. you will understand when it happens to your team and loses a series......
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