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God, I Hate Buffalo

Posted 4:34 PM ET | Comments 1
Who the hell Anointed the Buffalo Sabres Stanley Cup winners? yeah i picked them in first round but come on Buffalo, stop already!

It amazes how every publication and website has buffalo winning cup and people in Buffalo already going to arena to pick out their spot for indoor parade pep rally. Gee, one year every publication picked flyers win the cup and the got sweep by a great detriot team in the finals.

But Buffalo Fans in general should be asking themselves, What did we win latey? Answer of that question is NOTHING!

i still have great memories of Scott Norwood kicking the football wide right and i was laughing at the Bills. I still remember Brett Hull "No Goal" in the finals. Sorry Buffalo, it was a goal.

Buffalo reminds me of the desert, you dont know where you are but when you get stuck there you dont know how to get the hell out of there......

Yes, Philadelphia hasnt won nothing but they dont cry and whine like Buffalo does.
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