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In years watching hockey this might be the best final four teams left in the NHL playoffs in YEARS.

So lets start out West

#1 Detriot Red Wings v #3 Anaheim Ducks

Detriot has been playing great hockey and beat a physical Calgary team and a bottom feeder team in san jose. The ducks beat up on wild and kim johnsson's head. They also had a great series against the cauncks. The Ducks represent to me, the anti-'New NHL'. The play old-school fundemental hockey and it starts back with chris pronger and neidermayer bros. Ducks have the perfect formula for today's NHL, speed,grit and PHYSICAL! I like the way Detriot has been playing but i think injuries are going to catch up and so is their age.

Ducks in 6

#1 Buffalo Sabres v #4 Ottawa Sentors

I hate buffalo, i hate buffalo, they play sissy hockey. they arent tough. the only reason why rangers couldnt beat them up is because their speed helps them from getting push around. rangers did the same thing flyers did against them in last year playoffs and the same result is going to happen. Buffalo isnt a great team when they cant skate and their opposition pushes them around the ice.

Ottawa is a total different team from last year. Instead of the having a tree like chara sitting back there on defense, their defense is BETTER than last year becuase they are alot faster on defense then they were last year and the have scoring lines plus grit. plus i think this is a team that has something to prove to their fan base and to O'Cananda....

one theme that is constant is that Lindy Ruff chokes as a head coach in BIG SITUATIONS and it might happen again. think about it, lindy ruff had 2 great team and he choke in the finals against dallas and last year against candy canes. Know what, it will happen again.

Sens in Six
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