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In honor of the Flyers 40th Season in the NHL, I decided to research into when Flyers Teams went from a good team to a bad team. The result might surprised you but there is only a four year span from not been in the playoffs and returning to the playoffs. The last time the Flyers missed the playoffs was from 1989-1990 season to 1993-1994 season, in which was the last time the NHL used the old 84 game schedule. The Flyers went from a span from 1994-1995 season to 2005-2006 making the playoffs , before they didn’t make it this year. So, logic will tell you Flyers will suck for a short period of time. (The information as provided by Flyers History.com)

After watching the flyers getting smoke out of the playoffs by Buffalo, I felt the upcoming season was going to be horrible, boy I was correct. If you live in FlyersLand, you saw this coming a mile away. There are several reasons why this season was a train wreck. One reason was Bob Clarke and Ken Hitchcock. Ken Hitchcock never liked to play young fast players. He was stuck in the old NHL school of thought that veterans wins you Stanley cup and he didn’t want to teach young players( Watch out Blue Jackets). Bob Clarke should be blamed for sitting around at the beginning of free agency doing nothing. But, the mighty flaw that will continue to plaque Bob Clarke’s tenure as Flyers GM is developing young players and then trading them for old has been veterans. I do give him credit for Drafting players like Simon Gagne, Jeff Carter and Mike Richards. You also can blame Ed Snider for just letting Clarke trading Players like Justin Williams and didn’t stop Clarke trading young players.

The main problems the Flyers this season was Peter Forsberg. He was in and out of games because he couldn’t find a skate. How hard can it be to find a skate? This team sat around and waited for him and did everything possible to get him healthy. This organ-I-zation did too much. Peter Forsberg was a problem in developing young talent because the young players sat around, better yet, the whole team, waited for Peter Forsberg to play and watch him make plays on the ice for the team. This team didn’t get better until The Flyers traded Foppa to Nashville for their youth. After he was traded, this team was watchable

Look at the Bright Side….

People might be complaining that the Flyers didn’t get the #1 pick in Draft. This is this best thing to happen to Flyers. The NHL did the Philadelphia Flyers a favor. Think About it, Flyers have a great core of young players in Carter, Richards, Umberger, Upshall, Potunly, Eager, Coburn and Kukkonen. First time probably since the days of Ron Hextall, we have a legit #1 goalie in Martin Biron. Going into July 1 Free Agency with 23 million dollars, the Flyers can steal one of centers from Buffalo and get Timonen from Nashville. Flyers should keep Cote and let Fridge, Esche go.

Stanley Cup Playoffs

Here is my picks for 1st round


Buffalo in 5, Isles would be still celebrating making the playoffs because of the skill competition

Devils in 6, Devils are limping into the playoffs and I think Lou’s magic continues to second round

Rangers in 5
, I’m regretting for saying this, but Rangers have been playing awesome hockey of late, consider them to be the dark horse team in East.

Sens in 6, Sorry Cindy, Gary can’t bail you out this series.


Flames in 7, this upset of playoffs, Unless Detriot can play with a physical team and Datsyuk finally scores a goal in playoffs, I don’t see them beating Flames or winning a series in general.

Ducks in 4, I didn’t know Wild made the playoffs.

Canucks in 6, Turco is a FRUAD.

Sharks in 6, Nashville isn’t playing consistent hockey and Forsberg still can’t find a skate that fits him. This will be the best series in the first round.

My next blog will about media and they dont know what they are talking about
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I agree with what you are saying about the Flyers, here is what I posted about this season earlier.http://my.hockeybuzz.com/user.php?user_id=8308
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