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after seeing his Scott Hartnell's knee to knee take out of Johnthan Cheechoo, i hope this wake's up the anti-fighting crowd in NHL. Hartnell disgraceful hit on Cheechoo was dirty and thugish. Hartnell and other no name players know they can get away with this crap throughout the NHL because of the instagator rule.

This hit also shows that players have zero respect for each other. People want to cry and complain about the dirty hits around the NHL, take out the instagator rule, let the players police themselves.

As for Scott Hartnell, a player with his talent belongs in the press box eating popcorn instead on the ice looking for their next player to put on the IR. Suspend his sorry ass for the rest of this series.

The refs are also at fault for not giving him the game miscoduct to send a message that any dirty plays will not be tolorated.....
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February 20, 2022 1:47 AM ET | Delete
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