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"My Take On The Preds"
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Hartnell and Timonen are gone. The Preds have traded the rights of All-Star defenseman Kimmo Timonen and physical winger Scott Hartnell to the Philadelphia Flyers in exchange for a first round pick.

Well...all those in Nashville hoping the Kimmo would retire a Predator are a bit disappointed in this deal. For me I am bummed to see Scotty go. Word was that he was a bit of a ‘cancer in the locker-room’ but on the ice I think he was only scratching the surface of the type of player he can be. The good thing about this trade is the fact that he will be in the east and not a team like Detroit, or St. Louis that we would have to play eight times a year.

On the surface I like the deal. Obviously these are two guys that we were not going to resign. Philly thinks (or maybe has agreed in principle) that they can so they gave up a first rounder…hmmm…A first rounder…didn’t we trade one of those away to team out east a few months ago? Oh yeah! We did…and it was to…ummmm…Philly! The only reason I don’t like this deal is if it signals some kind of fire sale here at the Preds. A ‘we’re going to build for the future’ kind of thing. That would make me hate this team and it’s new owner.

Speaking of ‘new owner’ it appears that his application has been returned to him for being incomplete (thanks Jason). Huh? How in the H – E - double hockey sticks do you turn in an incomplete application to make your dream purchase? Did he think that his money could once again buy him out of this as well?

Will try to keep track of all this…
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June 18, 2007 5:02 PM ET | Delete
Thanks for the props Joe. After taking a while to digest this trade I think this is a wise trade for the Preds. There is no way Nashville would have paid that kind of money for those 2 players, nor should they have. I think this was a trade to get something out of two players that you were getting ready to loose anyway. We will miss both players but I don’t think we will miss them on the ice. Let’s face it, we had to do something. The team we have had on the ice the past two seasons has been a good short term team but had it flaws for the long haul. I think this is a move that will free up cap space for one. Two, I think this will allow some of our young d-man to come up and make a statement (and we have plenty of those). As far as Hartnell goes, I’ll miss him but I think he has been a cancer to us. He definitly took to many penalties in the playoff series with San Jose a year ago and seem to have a better year this year points wise but the timing of the penalties again cost us.Preds fans do need some good news though. We have taken a beating over the last couple of weeks and I would love for something positive to come out about the Preds. Preds fans keep your heads held high and stick up for your team when the time is right. This is still our team. So lets stand beside them NO MATTER WHAT!! We are not fair weather fans. Win, loose or draw we are Preds fans and we stick by our team. GO PREDS!!!
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Bengay thinks most Southerers don't really care. Bengay thinks Kimmo will be more appreciated in a hockey market like Philly. Bengay is happy he left.
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