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"My Take On The Preds"
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As I mentioned yesterday I blogged live from the Preds - Red Wings game last night. below is my blow by blow recap as it appeared live on my other blog www.predjoe.wordpress.com.


it is early...I tend to get to games early to try and nab one of my special free parking spots. I scored one tonight so I am feeling good!

the Sommet Center has the Duke - Belmont game on. Duke is up by four with about 12 left in the first.

one thing has changed with these Wings games...there is not near as much red as there used to be. I like that. I've said it before, I grew up in Michigan as a Wings fan but the fans that come to the games in Nashville are the most arrogant and ignorant. that made me change my team...that and the fact that for years I loved the blue collar effort the Preds would play with. We’ll need one of those efforts tonight.

Not Impressed...

neither Dan Ellis or Chris Mason seemed to be seeing the puck real well in warm ups. Ellis is getting the nod as is Hasek...hopefully he has a bit of rust with this being his second game back from injury.

who do I love? and scratches

obviously my wife and daughters but in addition to that tonight I am a big Oilers fan who play the Canucks tonight and I would love for the Flames to beat the Av’s.

We need to care of business ourselves but we will need some help.

Kevin Kline ind Ville Koistenin are both scratched again. I think their offensive ability should keep them from getting X’d so many nights.

legwand and hordi are also out. for the wings stuart, holmstrom,mccarty lead the list.

Three Power Plays

No shots on goal for 5 and a half minutes of power play time...horrible play...just horrible

Preds 1 Wings 0

a weird bounce but we’ll take the goal off of Dumonts skate. they credited it to Radulov but it went off JP. (I would later see that it went off a Wing's skate not Dumonts as I first thought.)

this was only possible because Scott Nichol saved the day when he batted the puck out of mid-air to save a goal.

End of 1

shots on goal

Red Wings 9

Preds 5

outplayed for most of the first. pathetic powerplay time but escaped with a 1 goal lead. we'll take it.

not a real physical period as the first half seemed to be very sloppy and neither team was able to get a good groove.

Soft Goal

Wings tie it up on a soft goal as Kronwall beat Ellis with a wrister from the top of the circle. not a good goal at all.

Red Wings Up

Chris Chelios put the wings up 2-1 with a puck with eyes. No way Ellis saw it but Trotz decided to pull him after that. I think that was a horrible move...if he wanted to pull Ellis he needed to do it after the soft goal. no wonder this team can’t figure out how to play.

shots on goal

wings 16

Preds 6

Check that...

Wings 3

Preds 1

so glad they pulled Ellis. (note the sarcasm there!)

A Flurry To End The 2nd

The Preds seem to wake up and played a strong final 6 or 7 minutes. Play also got extremely chippy as everyone tried to find a dance partner with 12 seconds left. Chris Mason even challenged Hasek when he shot the puck to the other end...as if to ask if he wanted to go? Hasek of course refused.

At the end of the period another dance party tried to break out...Mason and Hasek jawed at each other at center ice but nothing. Only Hamuis was called for a penalty which means that the Preds will be on the 5 on 3 penalty kill to start the third...not a good thing!

shots on goal

Red Wings 27

Preds 16

We’re Not Dead Yet!

HUGE penalty kill and then Radulov scores to pull the Preds within 1.

HUGE pk…aggresive


power play goal by Erat ties it up at three…these boys might just have some fight left in them.

Wings call a time out to try and kill the momentum.

this place is rockin!!!

another softie...

another soft goal as the D went to sleep and watched Franzen skate around and beat Mason easily. wings up by one with 9 minutes now left.

Red Wings By 2

Datysuk scores on a break away to make it 5-3 with 530 left. I think the Preds are done.


in more ways than one I fear. preds lose a heart breaker to the Wings.
March 21, 2008 12:31 PM ET | Delete
I like Ellis, but I Like Chris Mason more, he showed more emotion last night than I had ever seen. Makes me think somethings up in the locker room... This time last year, team were really looking at Mason, they apparently saw something, and so did Polie. I just wonder what happened, he did great the 1st two games, then it seemed like the whole team collapsed on itself, and Mason never quite recovered.... Maybe he's just having a bad year, it happens sometimes...... Any thoughts JOE?
March 21, 2008 12:37 PM ET | Delete
Even if we got into the playoffs, our goaltending wouldn't allow us to win even one game.
March 21, 2008 12:47 PM ET | Delete
HAHA wow one timer... come on even a blind squirrel can get a nut!
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