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"My Take On The Preds"
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What's That Smell?

Posted 10:10 PM ET | Comments 3
What you are smelling is the rotten egg that the Preds laid last night against a very good Dallas Stars team.

Where It Went Right: The first period for the most part was solid and the Preds played step for step with the Stars. It looked like this was going to be a game decided in OT or by a late goal. Both teams were skating hard and playing a physical game.

Where It Went Wrong: For me it all went wrong when the Preds failed to convert on an extended five on three power play...I think the Preds had like 1:20ish of 5 on 3 time. They kept looking for that perfect play. They kept looking for Steve Sullivan to be available back door or for Paul Kariya to make that perfect pass. We are not that team. We have to create the chances...throw the puck at the net. That kill coupled with the horrible clock management at the end of the first killed all Pred momentum and gave the Stars life. They took over the game from there.

Injuries: Yes we were without Gelinas and Radulov and Jed went down leaving Trotz to juggle lines but it's no excuse to the way we played. That was pathetic hockey. Pathetic.

To Trade Or Not To Trade: Arnott called out David Poile after the game urging him to make a move to help the banged up team. What will Poile do? I have long maintained that this team needs a star...if one can be procured through this process as more than a rental (al la Brad Richards who has a few years left on his deal) then let's make it happen. If it's just a rental then we stay put and make a splash in the free agent market. It will be an exciting few days...if anyone can make something happen it's David Poile.

David Legwand: So...it appears David Legwand was pulled over for a DUI. It's a sad day for a franchise that, for the most part, has stayed remarkably clean in it's ten years history. It sounds like he made a poor decision and now has to face the consequences. David is a bright guy and even bright people do stupid things. I just hope this is a one time thing for him and not the beginning of something worse. At least the Preds are still better than the Titans and their thugs...Pac Man anyone?
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February 25, 2008 12:26 AM ET | Delete
I agree a rental player is not the way to go for us,we need a big name who is going to be here a few years,otherwise we stand pat until after the season.As for legwand you hope this is a one time brain freeze,27 million dollars is a big investment,he is in a tough spot the heat is going to be on him until he becomes a more consistent scorer.
February 25, 2008 2:08 AM ET | Delete
I'm concerned about the fact that this was the fourth game in a row in which we've allowed a goal in the last 60 seconds of a period. (Technically, one of the four was actually in the last 71 seconds - the first period vs the Oilers). Those last minute goals help make for deflated locker rooms between periods. We need to find a way to hold the momentum, or at least a way not to lose same.
February 25, 2008 9:14 AM ET | Delete
great point Blueline...I heard Ryan Suter during the post game with Willy and he said that in the second intermission the guys were quiet and confident. They came out and got a quick one but the wheels quickly came off after that. Late goals kill any momentum and give the other team a ton.
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