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"My Take On The Preds"
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Is My Dad Right?

Posted 5:41 PM ET | Comments 0
Okay…so I was talking to my dad the other night about the Wings and Sharks (I think it was before game three) and he said something that I found very interesting. He said that he didn’t mind the Wings playing the Sharks because they don’t finish games well.

Hmmm…I thought. Let’s see. The Sharks just beat the wings in Game 1 2-0 and I thought they finished that one pretty well. They did give up a two goal lead in game two but this is the same team I saw shut down the Preds in the first round. This is the team that would stand up at the blue and really force us to dump it in and battle. This is a team that finished us pretty well.

Now comes games five…another two goal lead squandered by the Sharks and Detroit ties the series at two a piece heading back to Hockeytown. So here is the question…do the Sharks know how to finish?
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