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"My Take On The Preds"
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Honestly when the season ended last year I didn't think we would be sitting in such a good place right now. I didn't think we would have signed both Suter and Weber and am a bit surprised that we were able to lock up Dan Ellis as well. Add to those pieces the resigning of Martin Erat, the resigning last year of Jordin Tootoo and the big extension given to David Legwand and these Preds are in good shape.

So that begs the question..."what will David Poile do next?" What bit of magic does he pull out of his hat next?

I really feel that Marek Zidlicky is on his way out. I cannot get anyone in the organization to confirm that but I believe that the Preds believe his salary (3.3 a year for two more years) could be better used elsewhere. Puck moving d-men are a great asset and I am sure Poile has had his phone ring on more than one occasion. I don't foresee any of our young D going anywhere at this point unless the deal was just too good to pass up...but I don't see that happening.

Much has been written about the Preds needing a big tough guy. I couldn't disagree more! Take a look at the Red Wings for instance...who is their tough guy? Can you name their goon? Can you name their Hordichuk who's sole purpose was to get out there and fight and maybe just maybe contribute a goal or two? I thinks the Preds should focus on feisty and not goons. Give us some guys with some spunk like Nichol, Tootoo, Weber...guys that will go if they need to but who will help you when they are on the ice too. I sure hope the Preds don't waste their time trolling for one of the 'tough guys.'

Who knows what Poile has planned...he keeps all his moves close to the vest and never seems to disappoint.
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Skill is what counts. To quote Ken Holland: "We put an emphasis on skills and hockey sense. We don't put an emphasis on size." "Because we like skill, when a player joins our team, skill plays with skill."
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I think there was a time when McCarty was a goon...in fact I know there was. They also had Joey Kocur as well who was known to drop the gloves whenever he needed or wanted to. When they brought back Darren this year it was a move at grit not goon. I don't even know if he ever dropped the gloves during his sting with the team.
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