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"My Take On The Preds"
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To Do List:

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According to reports the local investment group trying to buy the Nashville Predators wants to take possession of the team as quickly as possible. This may mean as early as Monday and before the City Council and Sports Council vote on the measure. I have to think that this means that the group must feel that that approval is a mere formality at this point. Let's say that all happens...they get the team by Monday. Time to play a little bit of 'armchair owner' where you get to say what YOU would do if you just bought the Nashville Predators.

Here is my list:

1. Hire a new marketing person ASAP. Steve Violetta left the Preds to take position with the Red Wings and that is a key opening. People have reason to not be happy with the way Violetta marketed this team but it is vital that we get a top notch person in here. If we do not market this team successfully then five years from now the Preds will be gone! The person hired doesn't need to be someone with hockey experience but someone who knows and understands the people in Middle Tennessee that the Preds market to.

2. Sign Shea Weber to a long term deal. Shea will be a restricted free agent at the end of this year but the Preds need to do everything in their power to lock him up long term. He is a special player and one who can, like Pronger was in St. Louis, be the foundation on this franchise. This could be the most money the Preds have ever laid out for a player but we all know how good he is and what he means to this team.

3. Make a deal for a solid scoring forward. I realize we are not going to make a deal for a marquee name but we need a player with some offensive touch and who would make a nice line mate for our third line. I feel like we have two lines going really well right now and are just a player away from getting our top three rolling. I would hate to see Klein go but I am guessing that he might be desirable enough to other teams to hold out their as bait. We need a Daniel Cleary or a Scott Walker type player to help us out (not those specific players but players in that mold).

What would you do?
November 29, 2007 9:04 AM ET | Delete
It won't happen, but if the Nashville Predators wanted to make a splash trade and really shake up the foundation of this city, the'd go after Ovechkin. Now, I know it won't happen, but we do have depth and tradable talent combined with draft picks that its not out of the rhelm of possibility. If you look at shots on goal, Ovechkin is always near the top and we all know we have trouble shooting sometimes. But since that possibility is slim to none, I'd say maybe a Olli Jokinen or Kovalchuk with a slim chance for either, but more then Ovechkin...If we drop down even further, maybe Naslund or Prospal. Probably wishful thinking on all, but a big time shooter and scorer would breath life into this franchise. We do need a go to scorer on our team, in addition to our mid teer scores like Bonk, Erat, and Arnott
November 29, 2007 10:42 AM ET | Delete
I had a hunch that Bonk would be a great signing. I didn't know he'd be doing this well. I hope Gelinas gets to scoring soon.
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