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"My Take On The Preds"
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Feeling Different

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This opening night feels different. There is no other way to say it…it just feels different. This is the ten year anniversary of this team. I was there at it’s birth and thought that today I would feel like a proud parent…but instead I feel empty inside. With so much uncertainty this Pred fan is fatigued. That is why I have not posted in forever. I couldn’t bring myself to sit here at the computer and pontificate on a season that could very well be the beginning of the end of an NHL team here in Nashville.

The city and group of local owners are trying to come to agreement and are neck deep in negotiations. The tenor of the talk from both sides has changed over the last few days and the dark cloud that hung over this sale has a little bit of sun trying desperately to poke through. As a Preds fan and a fan of the NHL I hope that they can come to an agreement and keep this team here and I hope it happens soon. It’s hard for fans to rally around a team that may not be here much longer. The average fan doesn’t want to invest time or money in something that could be here today and gone tomorrow.

Regardless of how different this opening night feels the fact remains that at 7:05 tonight the Preds will begin their quest for a fourth straight playoff appearance against a very good Colorado Avalanche team. Things I looks forward to seeing tonight and this season:

1. <strong>Physical play</strong> – I want to see this team play a physical brand of hockey this year. When teams play the Preds I want them to feel it for a few days.
2. <strong>Solid Goaltending</strong> – This is Chris Mason’s chance to shine. He is the man for the first time in his career…show the rest of the NHL what we here in Nashville already know…this guy is for real!
3. <strong>Stepping Up</strong> – Guys need to step up and have career years. Tootoo, Erat, Arnott, Legwand…I am staring straight at each of you right now. Put this team on your shoulders and carry them.
4. <strong>Bonk Me</strong> – I want to see Bonk be our JP Dumont pick up of last year…a cast off that no one really wanted all that much who ended up having a great year. We need production and leadership from Bonk.

Okay…I feel better now. I feel like I’m back in the saddle. Back in the swing of things. Go Preds!
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