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"My Take On The Preds"
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Tighten That Fight Strap!

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Is it just me or does this seem like it should be game 6 of this series!? Man the first two games have taken allot out of me as a fan I can only imagine what the players must be feeling.

The war of words continues between Ron Whiner and Barry Trotz. Whiner says he thinks that the suspension to Radulov should have been longer (whoa…what a shock!). Trotz is sticking to his guns that Radulov should not have been suspended at all (way to go Barry!). In a previous post I mentioned that I think the suspension was all about sending a message.

What will we see tonight? Well…I think that the Preds and Sharks will both be warned prior to the game to keep it clean and not let this series get out of hand. That being said I would not be surprised to see the Sharks try to drag us in to some altercations to get their fans into it.

Things To Look For:

- Replacing Radulov: With Radulov out the Preds say they will insert Darcy Hordichuk in his place. What this probably means is a move up by Tootoo to one of the scoring lines and Hordi will play on the energy line. Still no word on the return of Steve Sullivan…wouldn’t tonight be nice?

- Let’s get physical: Sharks will try to assert themselves physically from the start. They feel like they have been pushed around this series and will be trying to get the fans fired up. Horidchuk being in the line up should fuel this fire a bit too.

- Shoot it from everywhere: The Preds need to fire that puck from everywhere on Nabakov. He needs to feel like he is in a shooting gallery! He will give up some rebounds so the more pucks we fire his way the better. Dumont and Forsberg have been on fire…they have to continue.

- Keep Calm…this is just a test:
The Sharks are going to throw everything they have at us early in the game. They will try to get under our skin and get us to take some stupid penalties. If the Preds can weather that early storm I forecast clear skies after that!

My PREDicition: A good friend of mine (season ticket holder and knowledgeable hockey fan) told me this morning that “we really need a split out there.” Really? A split? No…we need to take them both and finish is in game 5 here. We start that tonight with a 4-3 win. Go Preds!

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