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"My Take On The Preds"
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Crotch - Bang!

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<a href='http://predjoe.wordpress.com/files/2007/10/mason1.jpg' title='mason1.jpg'><img src='http://predjoe.wordpress.com/files/2007/10/mason1.jpg' alt='mason1.jpg' /></a>
Statement made. That's the way I look at last night's 4-0 Predators win over the Colorado Avalanche. Statement made.

Yes I know that one game does not a season make but Colorado is a good team...a team everyone is predicting to make the playoffs. They are loaded with fire power and the off-season addition of Ryan Smyth gives this team yet another weapon. None the less win number one was…statement made.

At the place I work we have fun...a ton of it...and a group of guys I work with do something called a 'crotch-bang' when something big happens (could be you prove the other person wrong on something, you slam someone with a personal insult or maybe you are celebrating a victory...basically anytime you want to make a statement you do this. It is usually followed by quite a bit of laughter but we are serious!). A 'crotch-bang' is where you take both arms and slam them down on either side of your crotch while jumping up a little bit. Most times it is accompanied with a little bit of a primal scream. What the Predator players did last night was 'crotch-bang' a bunch of people.

Crotch-Bang to all the predictors out there who said this team will not have any fire power this year. They will not be able to compete and that the loss of all their players will lead to a losing record and no trip to the playoffs.

Crotch-Bang to all the people who thought trading Tomas Vokoun was a bad idea. Mason records a shut out in his first game and TV gets lit up for four goals in third as he loses his first game.

Crotch-Bang to everyone who thought the team would not be able to perform under the stress of the sale of the team. This team sent a message…we have a job to do and this is how we do it!

As Barry Trotz said last night, "If we play like this every night we will win a lot of hockey games." That might be the understatement of the year! The boys played inspired, physical hockey against a good hockey team. Jason Arnott played like a captain should and David Legwand stuck to Sakic all night long. Congrats Preds on a great first game…here’s to more night like this...'CROTCH-BANG!'
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