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"My Take On The Preds"
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While neither of these guys will score a goal this post season (yes I know it’s possible but highly improbable) they can, without a doubt, determine how far their teams go.

San Jose will start the series with Evgeni Nabakov between the pipes. The former Calder Trophy winner is one of the top back stops in the NHL and can be a huge difference maker in games.

TSN.CA says this about Nabakov:

Assets: “Has lightning-quick reflexes and the ability to snatch a sure goal away from opponents. Challenges shooters well. Plays with an abundance of confidence.”

Flaws: “His circus-save approach leads to occasional overreactions to certain shots. Can at times give up a weak goal.”

2006-2007 Stats
Record - 25-16-4
Shutouts - 7
GAA - 2.29
SV% - .914

At the opposite end of the ice will be Predators goalie Tomas Vokoun. The former 9th round pick of the Canadians Vokoun was claimed in the 98 in the expansion draft. The Canadians leftovers soon became the Predators starting goalie after the departure of Mike Dunham. Being a Preds fan I must say that Vokoun has a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde personality. He can looks like a world beater in one instance and let in a soft goal only moments later.

TSN.CA says this about Vokoun:

Assets: Is extremely tough to get a read on from a shooter’s perspective because he’s very unpredictable. Capable of getting red hot for long stretches. Has a lightning-quick glove and superb agility.

Flaws: When he’s cold, he tends to lose his focus. Must show even more consistency in order to raise his game to an elite level.

2006-2007 Stats:
Record - 27-12-4
Shutouts - 5
GAA - 2.40
SV% - .920

This is going to be a great series with two of the NHL’s top goalies getting to strut their stuff.

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