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"My Take On The Preds"
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Things Learned From Game 1

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It’s okay…it really is. I woke up today disappointed but not despondent. These Preds showed a ton of heart last night in coming back and forcing overtime against the Sharks.

Some things I observed last night:

Evgeni Nabakov is really good:Sure I knew he was a top goalie but everyone on that team owes him a beer, protein shake or something. He stood on his head and did what great goalies do…allowed his team to win the game.

Alexander Radulov is better than I thought
: Seriously…every time he touched the puck last night the crowd was electric. His second goal of the night will be on his highlight reel for years to come. I think Nabakov is still shaking his head on that one.

Predator fans are incredible
: Never once did I feel like the crowd gave up on them last night. Even down two goals the crowd was feeding the guys energy. I put our home crowd against any in the league.

Overtimes are for unsung heroes: The Preds did not go into this game thinking that they had to have a plan to stop Patrick Rissmiller…but they should have as he scored the game winner in the second OT. Nobody would have guessed that this guy would net the game winner!

If game one is any indication this is going to be a heck of a series.

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