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"My Take On The Preds"
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(Cue dream music, Gary Thorne is seen in the broadcast booth at the Sommet Center in Nashville. He speaks)
Who would have thought that it would all come down to this here in Nashville tonight. A year ago fans in Nashville didn’t know whether they would even have a hockey team and here they are in the Stanley Cup Finals with a chance to win it all.

(Bill Clement speaks) You're right Gary. When Nashville had their fire sale last year no one thought they would be here. They failed to resign Hartnell, Kariya, Timmonen, and at first failed to make a real splash in the free agent market signing players like Jed Ortmeyer, Martin Gelinas and Radek Bonk.

<strong>Gary:</strong> But that changed when Nashville did the unthinkable and brought together two of hockey’s greatest players in a critical signing for this club.

<strong>Bill: </strong>You can say that again. When Nashville signed Selanne and then was able to, a month into the season, secure the play of Peter Forsberg they went to immediate contender. They have had great goaltending from goalie Chris Mason, who played in his first all star game this year and young Alexander Radulov, 'Alexander The Great' I call him, has put up enormous numbers this season. Combine that with the great blue line play of Shea Weber and Ryan Suter and you can easily see why this team is poised to hoist the cup tonight.

<strong>Gary:</strong> Will they or won't they? Nashville leased the series three games to two and faceoff is coming up next.
(fade out…crowd cheering as Martina McBride finishes the national anthem)

Listen I know it’s a dream but Eklund’s rumor over the weekend had me salivating at the thought of this ownership wanting to make a splash by getting Selanne and Forsberg for this season. I also know that Gary and Bill don't call games together anymore but for my money Gary's voice is hockey to me. I also know that the chances of us signing both of these guys is slim at best but this is my blog and I can dream if I want to...dream if I want to.
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August 7, 2007 2:40 PM ET | Delete
i started drooling around line 12.
August 7, 2007 4:49 PM ET | Delete
you better wake up now. sounds great but i'll wear a modano sweater to a dallas game and a chelios game thanksgiving night if we get both those guys
August 9, 2007 2:08 PM ET | Delete
your crazy
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