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"My Take On The Preds"
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I'm Not Alone...

Posted 4:20 PM ET | Comments 2
I guess I'm not alone in my feeling today of not wanting to blog about last nights 5-2 loss at the hands of the Blackhawks. I checked out the HB home page and absent were the updates from Paul and Brandon...I guess they don't feel like blogging about last night either.

Who can blame them really? There was little good in last nights game. Dan Ellis proved he was human giving up two goals on three shots before being pulled in favor of Chris Mason. I don't know if you can really blame Ellis on either of those goals. Our goalies continue to be left out in the cold as we give up odd man rush after odd man rush. Seriously...what is the D doing to give up so many odd man chances? I love that our guys jump up in the play and are active in the offensive zone but we have got to eliminate the huge number of rushes.

The Preds did a good job of getting the puck to the net last night outshooting the Hawks 32-22. Khabibulin played a solid game and the rebounds he did give up went into open ice or to the stick of Hawk player. Going in the Preds knew that they could get some second chances and they were able to capitalize on a rebound for the first goal but so many rebounds just sat there.

Let me say this...these Blackhawks are going to be a good team for a long time. Their young dynamic due of Toews and Kane are incredible and Patrick Sharp continues to have an All-Star type year (Sharp is an RFA at the end of the year nad the Hawks need to make sure that they secure him long term). Add to that offensive mix the bull of a defensemen Dustin Byfuglien and the Hawks have a great core of players going ahead. Classy move by the team last night as they saluted the crowd for supporting the team.

Must Win: I know it's cliche and it's early in the season to say this but the fact remains that the Preds must win this game tonight against the Bluejackets. The Preds, who are at the bottom of the division right now, cannot afford to lose to a team directly ahead of them. I imagine that Mason will get the start tonight. Expect the Bluejackets to come out flying and really try to take two points in Music City.
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December 27, 2007 5:26 PM ET | Delete
Good luck tonight against the BJ's!
December 27, 2007 6:06 PM ET | Delete
Good points pj. Byfuglien was a horse. Agree with longterm future of 'Hawks. Also good to see them getting crowds back in their arena. Meanwhile, come on Preds - let's get it together tonight.
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