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"My Take On The Preds"
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Conference Finals Predictions

Oh I wanted the Preds to be here…I really thought they would be. Man when we traded for Foppa I could have sworn I overheard a call from the NHL’s official engraver checking to make sure that Tomas Vokoun doesn’t have an ‘H’ in his name. Now I know it was the tee time manager at the Karlovy Vary Country Club asking if would need a caddie or a cart.

East: This will be a heck of a match up.. These could be 2-1 overtime thrillers just as easy as they could be 5-4 run and gun shootouts! I think for me this series comes down to goaltending. Which of these two guys (Ray Emery for Ottawa and Ryan Miller for Buffalo) is going to take control of this series. Both of these goalies have shown flashes of brilliance and have put their respective teams on their backs and carried them to victory. Both of these goalies can also, at times, look a bit shaky, a little unsure of themselves. For me the goalie who steps up and says ‘follow me guys’ is going to take this series. For me I think that guy is Emery. Conventional wisdom says take Miller but for some reason I think this is Emery’s coming out party. This is where Ray makes a name for himself.

My Prediction: Ottawa in hard fought, very physical six.

West: I know these Wings well. The Predators played these guys eight times this year and let me tell you, in case you don’t know, they’re good. I say ‘the Wings are good’ the same way I say ‘I think the internet is going to be around for a while.’ It is an obvious statement. A statement that is just as obvious is ‘these Ducks are good.’ Watching them this year in the playoffs has made me a believer in these Ducks that used to be called mighty. The Ducks are a physical team and if there is an area in which I think they can wear down Detroit it’s the physical play. I think Detroit has made it through two rounds without having to take much of a pounding. If the Ducks can work the body like a prize fighter they have a great chance of taking the series. However, Dominick is once again Dominating and Detroit can lock up the neutral zone better than any team. The Ducks will show some bite but in the end…

My Prediction: Detroit in seven (with at least two overtime games)
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