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"My Take On The Preds"
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Call tonight's game what you want...

"Must win."

"Statement Game."

"Gut Check Time."


Whatever you want to call it the Predators have no other choice but to win tonight. While it's not win or go home it is win or start looking at where you'll be vacationing next week.

While the Preds find themselves down 2-0 in the best of seven contest the series has been close. A couple of bad bounces (or calls) go our way and we could be all tied up or better heading into tonight. The Preds hope all those bounces start going their way as they find their way back to home ice tonight.

Much has been said about our top line being shut down during the first two games. I am as frustrated as the next guy but going up against Daytsuk and Zetterberg (tow of the best all around players in the game) is not easy. These guys can light it up but they also know how to shut down opponents. They have done a great job so far. Tonight Trotz gets the last change...it will be interesting to see what he throws out there.

The Preds played one of their best periods of hockey during the first on Saturday. They came out and played an up tempo style and really took the game to the Wings. I expect the same energy tonight as the Preds will be feeding off the always potent home crowd.

Nothing would make me more happy than to see David Legwand out there tonight. He is a much needed presence in the line up...especially with Nichol out.

I'll be there tonight...will you? Let the boys hear you!

UPDATE: I will be blogging live from the game. In the past I have blogged too much at these things...I may only blog during intermission and TV timeouts. To get the updates ck out http://predjoe.wordpress.com/

Go Preds!
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April 14, 2008 3:03 PM ET | Delete
I'm interested to see what happens if Nashville finds a combination that can shut down the Datsyuk-Zetterberg line. If I were to bet, they'd be split up without hesitation just to see how Trotz handles it.
April 14, 2008 3:16 PM ET | Delete
I read that yesterday's practice had them skating on different lines. Not sure whether to think that he actually will split them or if it's more playoff gamesmanship!
April 14, 2008 4:27 PM ET | Delete
Gotta have this one!
April 14, 2008 4:36 PM ET | Delete
Onetimer...that is what we call an understatement! Wow...if we don't win this one it would take a miracle for us to come back.
April 15, 2008 4:44 AM ET | Delete
Well, we definitely saw some different lines tonight, that's for sure. Welcome back Legwand! Great game Preds - thanks!
April 15, 2008 3:16 PM ET | Delete
Could easily be Preds up 2 games to 1 than the current state. You deserved better in game 2 and you got it in game 3. Now the NEXT game is the biggest. Gotta have that one.
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