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"My Take On The Preds"
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Rob Niedermayer Wins It!!!

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Calm down Ducks fans...I didn’t get confused and not give Scott the credit for his game winning goal. I gave credit to Rob because it was his huge hit on Jannik Hansen that not only turned over the puck but caused Luongo to lose his focus for a brief moment...that’s all it took. Ducks win and advance to the WCF.

"My brother got a big hit on their guy and the puck slid to me," Scott Niedermayer said. "I just tried to get a wrist shot on net and I don't know if he didn't see it or what."

I feel bad for Luongo who played a brilliant series and an incredible game last night. It took 58 shots for the second shot to get through. The fact that the shot came as he was raising his arm to plea for a penalty (it was a clean hit…but my guess is he was looking for an interference call) was kind of a sad way to end it. The

Canucks defense should feel embarrassed for that performance last night…and the Ducks should be praised for theirs. It’s not like the Canucks put out six rookie D just called up for last nights game. This is a solid core of defenseman who were outmanned and outplayed at a ridiculous rate last night.

I am one who did not think the Ducks were as good as they are…could we be looking at an All-California Western Conference Final? That’s up to the Sharks.
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