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"My Take On The Preds"
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Losing Stinks

Posted 2:10 PM ET | Comments 1
One thing I've discovered about blogging about your favorite team...when they lose it's hard to write. Writing when they win is easy.

"They played a great game."
"The boys looked sharp."
"The other team played well but just didn't have it."
"This was a quality win against a quality team."

Seriously...cliches abound when you are talking about winning but when your team is in the tank finding the right words to say can be difficult and downright painful.

Let me first say that I am not all doom and gloom about the Preds right now. There were people last year at this time who were wondering how on earth our team could give up eight goals to Chicago and give up 17 goals to start the 06-07 campaign 0-3. Last year was different though...we were picked to be a good team and people were doubting following the ugly start. This year most are picking the Preds to finish much worse than last year and perhaps miss the playoffs. Those people are looking at these recent results as evidence to their prediction.

Before I go too far down this road let me bang some crotches!

Crotch Bang to anyone who believes the Preds do not miss Steve Sullivan right now. We miss his speed, his creativity with the puck and his never take a shift off attitude. A good report on the health of his back gives Pred fans hope that the return will be soon.

Crotch Bang to any Chris Mason hater. I know he has looked horrible in his last three. It happens. Lest we forget the guy who looked like a world beater two weeks ago or the goalie who put up one of the best save percentages last year. Mason is our number one goalie (without a doubt) and the sooner everyone embraces that the better off we'll be. (I realize this is a near repeat of an earlier CB...but people have to get off of Mason!)
October 15, 2007 2:23 PM ET | Delete
Now is the time to see what our guys are made of. I think Trotz will get 'em back on track, especially based on what Paul wrote today. The upcoming three game California trip will be a good test of our team's mettle - nothing like a little adversity and challenge to see what develops.
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