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Stars at home in San Jose!

Posted 11:34 AM ET | Comments 6
Long time, no write...but I had to throw in my two cents on the ridiculous non-call last night and the recaps from the San Jose Sharks Staff (website) and the AP. What a joke!!! Rivet's hit on Morrow at the end of the 1st was a clear-cut, textbook boarding penalty. Yet, neither official made the call and at least one of them was starring straight at them! I thought one of the official's most important jobs was to protect the players?

Here is the greatness of the AP and SJS Staff recapping the hit...

In the first period’s final minutes, Craig Rivet hammered Brendan Morrow with a big hit, leaving the Stars captain flat on the ice and bleeding. Trevor Daley immediately went after Rivet and the two exchanged punches. The end result was an extra instigating minor to Daley and the Sharks closed out the first on the power play. --SJS Staff (notice the writer did not leave a name!)

...Sharks D Craig Rivet pummeled Trevor Daley in a first-period fight instigated by the Dallas defenseman, who got 17 minutes in penalties... --AP

You gotta love objective journalism!

On the upside, Morrow was okay and Mike Modano notched 2 more goals for a 4-2 win in the Stars home away from home! GO STARS!
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January 18, 2008 12:45 PM ET | Delete
It was a pretty questionable hit from Rivet, but I think the metal seam between the glass is what cut up Morrow's face. I like the physical play, but I never want to see players get hurt. Glad Morrow was OK, he's a tough guy.I enjoyed the resulting fight as well, too bad the Sharks decided to not play any defense last night.
January 18, 2008 12:54 PM ET | Delete
The hit was dirty...Morrow didn't turn into him as some Sharks fans claim. He should of been given a 5 Game! Rivet is a dirty player from what i have seen. Just like last time when he punched Ott after a clean hit on Thronton. Rivet starts throwing punches even before Ott is ready. He didnt even have time to remove the gloves. Weak!
January 18, 2008 1:52 PM ET | Delete
Well, Dr, it usually isn't the hit, it is the result. See Holmstrom's face after Pronger's elbow last year. The elbow didn't cut him. It was the seam.
January 18, 2008 2:29 PM ET | Delete
Kingduck, Pronger is not any cleaner than Rivet if your point is to protect Pronger on that hit, and Last time I checked Pronger missed 2 games in playoffs last year due to his DIRTY plays. Rivet is a dirty player as well, and I just can't wait until I see the suspensions for him due to his dirty hit on Morrow.
January 18, 2008 2:38 PM ET | Delete
Rivet won't get suspended for the hit on Morrow, it probably won't even get reviewed by the league, mostly because Morrow wasn't significantly injured on the play.Yes, I understand he was cut on the hit, but it's not like he broke his neck like Erik Cole or anything.
January 18, 2008 5:01 PM ET | Delete
The game was poorly officiated all the way around -- what a shocker for a game with McGeough in charge... lol. Missed calls... make-up calls... non-calls... last night had it all.
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