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I dislike the guy with a passion ... but I'm willing to give him a chance. The fact that he will be wearing green and white makes the past irrelevant, at least for now. We all know he can play the game well; he simply has to keep his mouth to a minimum. I think with Morrow in command and Hull's guidance from above, Avery can be an excellent addition to this team. This could very much be like Dennis Rodman going to the Chicago Bulls - with Michael Jordan in command - and winning more championships. No doubt Rodman was a phenomenal basketball player, but he was a loose cannon just the same. In fact, there was a history of bad blood between Rodman and Scottie Pippen (Jordan's right-hand man and, arguably, the second best player in the league). MJ, with his extraordinary leadership skills, was probably the only guy in the league capable of keeping Rodman focused and in the game. The result, of course, was three more rings! Avery is no Rodman and Brendan is certainly no Michael, but they are both capable of filling similar roles. Furthermore, I cannot wait to see Avery and Otter on the same line ... what a force! I'm still looking for one more piece to be added ... we still need another scoring winger.

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