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WOW! I must point out that I made the call on this one during the second intermission with posts on Josh Lile's in-game live blog ...

Today @ 10:36 PM ET -- This game is far from over ... it is ours to win!
Today @ 10:46 PM ET -- Again ... I hope he doesn't cover the post and I hope he plays bad ... I want the STARS to win!!! I could really care less what the Sharks need to do to win the game. Look for an early power play for Dallas ... one they will cash in on. I'm making the call ... STARS comeback and win 4-2!

That's right boys and girls ... once again I had the feeling that the STARS were in full control of this game. Anybody STILL want to tell me that Nabokov would have kept us from winning that final regular season game? Again I say, this team is special! Marty is playing some of his best hockey ever, the defense is solid and just got back their Hall-of-Famer, and they can score at will! The potential for a deep run is growing by the game.

I have to start with this stat I just noticed ... Brad Richards not only had 4 points tonight, but he had them all in the third period alone ... Unbelievable! That makes 9 points in 8 games ... which, I believe, is about a point per game ... which is what the fans were told he would bring to the playoffs. Brett Hull was one of the final pieces added to our Cup runs ... and now he has made the trade for a final piece that could lead to another! What a performance and, really, a break-out game for #91 ... quite impressive! Not only that, but he helped his new buddy, Niklas Hagman, break out of his slump. Hagman was most deserving of a night like tonight. He had an incredible career-year but fell off a bit towards the end. He's been skating mostly on the 4th line but only because of the chemistry the other lines have shown. Even with less ice time, every time he hits the ice he is a threat to score or create chances. Tonight his hard work paid off!

Zubov made his way back into the lineup ... FINALLY! I think Tippett made an excellent move to go with 7-D tonight. There is no need to rush Zubov into too much time on the ice and, more importantly, our defensemen have been SOLID ... even with 3 rookies. In fact, I thought Fistric and Grossman played excellent tonight ... and Niskanen looked confident again. Offensively is where I noticed Zubie tonight ... and man is that good to see again. What a sweet pass he made to Modano for the eventual game-winner ... BEAUTIFUL!

Speaking of Mikey Mo ... well, what else can I say ... he loves Southern Cal and apparently, he loves Sharks too! That is his 4th goal and 8th point in 8 games.

Morrow-Ribeiro-Lehtinen ... they cannot be stopped ... period!

Turco played great again. He did get a little ambitious a few times, which cost him on San Jose's second goal. But of the 4 goals the Sharks have scored against him ... only 1 was a legitimate, hard-working, play-making goal ... and that was Pavelski's power play goal tonight. He is playing his best hockey ever right now!

The STARS outscored the Sharks 8-4 in San Jose. They tallied 2 more power play goals, giving them 12 in 8 games.

All is well in STARS-ville! I'll say it again ... this team is special! BUT DO NOT GET COMPLACENT! As a fan who can BELIEVE all he wants, who can make calls that sometimes come true, and who can say that the STARS are going all the way this year ... I also fully believe that the players cannot play like this series is in the bag. They proved in game 1 that they will not be able to coast their way to the finals. Dallas needs to continue to push on every shift, play hard and smart, and capitalize on every opportunity the Sharks give them. If they do, this series is over Wednesday night ... and considering I'll be in my normal seat, I would love nothing less!

That goes for the fans as well ... lets pack the AAC to capacity and cheer all night for YOUR DALLAS STARS! We need to show the San Jose fans what real fans are all about. We also need to yell so loud we drown out the HORRIBLE and BIASED announcers on TSN and Versus ... what a joke they are! WE LOVE YOU RALPH AND RAZOR!!! For those of you nationwide who are fed up with the national telecasts/announcers ... simply turn down your TV volume and log on to www.wbap.com ... you will enjoy the best broadcasters in all of hockey!


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April 28, 2008 1:29 AM ET | Delete
I gotta say I'm loving this...(bitterness of losing I guess, don't want to have any what if scenarios, however improbable they might be). I think it's too funny how everyone wrote off the Stars just because they hadn't adjusted their chemistry, and yet they're not having any trouble with two of the best teams in the league.
April 28, 2008 8:42 AM ET | Delete
What a game. The Sharks are MUCH better than the Ducks were last round...but somehow the Stars are also MUCH better than they were. I'm lovin' it.
April 28, 2008 9:39 AM ET | Delete
23 - After last night's game, I have an ounce of belief. The most important aspect of a long drive is a balanced attack and scoring and it seems the Stars have a couple of different guys who step up each game and carry the load. If that continues, Dallas will go far......and maybe even hoist the....nah too early.
April 28, 2008 10:44 AM ET | Delete
LOL! Thanks DucksFan ... keep watching! By the way ... I won't be picking up the monkeys ... but feel free to ship them via UPS or FedEX to the HP Pavillion in San Jose!
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