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As I left the AAC Saturday afternoon, (after a ridiculous, disappointing, frustrating, and disheartening 3rd period meltdown) I finally came to this conclusion --

I am a Stars' fan no matter what!

No matter what the final score is or how it happens, I will be rooting for my Dallas Stars. No more bickering, or complaining about the refs, or hanging my head in defeat. NOPE! Until the NHL schedule tells me that Dallas is done for the season, I will be in attendance or in front of the tv, cheering them on.

The official Dallas Stars website, www.dallasstars.com, has an introductory page with the playoff slogan Believe. As a true fan of any team, that slogan is what sports is all about.

As the standings currently sit, we will most assuredly open against Anaheim, San Jose, or Detroit. I'm quite certain that no one associated with the Stars, in any way, is hoping one of those teams will be our FIRST-ROUND opponent. Especially considering that we have lost three consecutive first-round series! However, (assuming the Oilers cannot pull of a miracle run, finish 8th, and obliterate the Wings in the first round) we are going to have to face these teams at some point anyway. To be the best you have to beat the best -- the Anaheim Ducks are the defending champs, San Jose is absolutely roaring, and Detroit is, well...Detroit! What better way to enter the Stanley Cup Finals than to beat those three teams. Moreover, which Eastern Conference team would even stand a chance.

Join me Stars' fans...no more complaining...fill the AAC to capacity...flood FSSW, KDFI, and WBAP with ratings...cheer rowdy, loud, and proud...and most importantly...BELIEVE!

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