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What an incredible start to the Stanley Cup Finals! Game 1 had everything but overtime...numerous gigantic hits, acrobatic saves, some pretty goals, and some not so pretty goals. Though there were way too many suspect penalty calls, this game never lacked intensity. It was back and forth most of the game...even during the power plays. Like every other team the Ducks have faced, Ottawa is simply unable to match them physically...especially when line PGP is rolling! On that note, my vote for finals' MVP is Ryan Getzlaf. This guy is extremely talented...he plays both ends of the ice equally strong and is a force no matter the role. Moen and the Niedermayers will get the kudos for winning the game...but it was Getzlaf's sweet tally that put them in position. It was a brilliant play...he seemingly faked a wrap-around and a pass simultaneously...then snuck the back-hander by an unsuspecting Emery for one of the prettiest goals of the playoffs! He had several hits, played excellent defense--especially on the penalty kill, and created numerous scoring opportunities. The entire Ducks' team contributed tonight...even the forth line...they may have had more ice time in Game 1 of the finals, than any other playoff game thus far. Selanne's speed was on display and he was key on their first goal. I thought the Senator's top line was not quite as sharp as they have been. Without question Spezza seemed nervous...as did Meszaros (whose missed hit led to the game-winning goal by Moen). Both of Ottawa's goals came on the power play and were, in my opinion, pretty weak--a lucky bounce on the first and a screened, seeing-eye shot on the second. I am not trying to take anything away from the Sens...I simply think the goals required little effort. Emery played well and made some huge stops...but Giggy stole the show. He made a larcenous, game-saving stop on the last shot of the game. Both goals he allowed were certainly not his fault and he made big saves throughout.

Unfortunately, this game was officiated like a pre-season game. I cannot believe we are going to have the officials decide the Stanley Cup champion. What is completely ridiculous is the type of situations like in the final minute of the game. Chris Pronger BLATANTLY AND IN CLEAR VIEW literally bear hugs and tackles Danny Heatley from behind, as he was falling down. You want to let that go...FINE...it certainly would not have been called in years past in the Cup finals...BUT DO NOT CALL AN OBVIOUS, WEAK, MAKE-UP CALL 20 SECONDS LATER! We are not blind to the politics...it is a slight on the game and all true fans. Either call the penalties, all the time, on both ends...or do not call them at all!

Okay...so I digress...sorry...

Regardless of the officials...game 1 was flat-out spectacular! I honestly hope the series goes all seven games and each one is like tonight! The majority of the American public has no idea what they are missing...that is a real shame!
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May 29, 2007 12:12 AM ET | Delete
Agreed...Truly an exciting game. Can't wait for more between these two teams!!!!!!!
May 29, 2007 3:39 PM ET | Delete
This series should be excellent. I love the physical play from both sides.
May 29, 2007 7:22 PM ET | Delete
The officiating during all of the playoff games in which The Ducks play in is marginal. Look how the refs tried decide game 6 against Detroit. They tried to let Detroit back in to force OT. I am a huge HOCKEY fan and yes a Ducks fan, but refs, please dont make the bias so obvious. Look at the repeated high sticks, interferences and trips that were not called against Ottawa. I was there, they were right in front of me. Make equitable calls or don't make them at all!"We are not blind to the politics...it is a slight on the game and all true fans. Either call the penalties, all the time, on both ends...or do not call them at all! " I can't agree with you more nephew 23!Ducks in 5 or 7! GOOOOOOOO DUCKS!
May 29, 2007 8:09 PM ET | Delete
Thanks for your kind opinion. I sure hope that the Ducks will come out, but it's going to be a tough battle.
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