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There was much disappointment tonight as we filed out of the AAC. Unlike 24 hours earlier, when no one left there seats until Marty was the last one off the ice ... and people were waving their rally towels going down I-35! Tonight was filled with mostly silence, aside from the few Sharks' fans receiving a beating from some irate STARS' fans! (just kidding!) The sad thing is that nobody was worried about the loss ... we simply wanted to celebrate another series win on home ice. But for the Dallas players, that could just as easily happen Friday night on their home ice in San Jose!

No, there is certainly no need to panic ... a 2-1 win by a desperate Sharks' team is hardly worth being concerned about. Both teams played very well tonight, and Turco and Nabokov were unbelievable. The shot totals do not come close to telling the story. I'm not sure what the scoring chances ended up, but there many on each end. Once again, Morrow-Ribeiro-Lehtinen spent the bulk of their ice time in San Jose's zone. Once again, they scored a goal ... thanks to a beautiful centering pass by Setoguchi, right to the tape of Jere Lehtinen! Overall, the STARS seemed a bit tired and they simply could not connect on another goal. They were also without the services of Stu Barnes tonight, which probably hurt them in a much larger way than anyone would think.

The Sharks weren't nearly as physical tonight but they took advantage of Dallas' mistakes. In what seemed to be an instant replay from last night's game, Marleau took a Zubov turnover and beat Turco again on a shorthanded breakaway. San Jose did come out guns-a-blazing in the 3rd period. They apparently decided that they would give everything they had, and if it was not good enough, then it was not to be. That led to an early power play in which Joe Thornton had way too much time with the puck. He was able to send a sweet pass to Michalek for the (eventual) game-winning goal. At least for tonight, that was enough to win.

The STARS remain firmly ensconced in the driver's seat but it still takes 4 W's to win a series. Home ice is in no way a factor come Friday, since Dallas is quite comfortable at the HP Pavilion. The STARS have not won 7 games because of luck ... they have worked hard for it. Nor is a one-goal defeat enough to take away any confidence or belief in what got them to this place. Again, they have earned the right to be in the position they are in ... now it is time to seal the deal and get ready for Detroit. I can party at home with friends just as easily as I can at the AAC! Besides -- what better gift could my wife and I receive for our 30th birthday bash!

Friday night is handshake night ... STARS finish it with 5-1 win!


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May 1, 2008 3:20 AM ET | Delete
2 giveaway goals for both teams..seems fair.. i didnt see the last one. but this series is dallas' to lose, all they gotta do is grind one out. i dunno about 5-1 thou, but i am glad that dallas has dismissed all the sportshows jumpin on the bandwagon for sj as their pick. sj hasnt wanted it enough im hopin for a dallas-philly final. best of luck
May 1, 2008 12:08 PM ET | Delete
ITS ALL OVER. hey hey remember what happeneed to calgary when they lost there first game to san jose. yea lots of screaming. so whos strating it in dallas this time. cuzz the sharks own this series. if i remember correctly we won 11 in a row once then had like 5 other 4 game winning streaks plus 2 10 game winning strreaks for road games. so i think we good
May 1, 2008 12:10 PM ET | Delete
And i believe if dallas loose on friday then its all over cuz u wont regain controll when the joe machine starts getting points. beauty passes that barely missed.Prediction friday:Sharks 3 - Dallas 1 (goal Madano, Pavelski, Cheechoo, JR)
May 1, 2008 1:55 PM ET | Delete
Where have you been Sharks1? I've said it every game, this series is not over. But I hardly think a one-goal win should inspire such confidence. We have been the best team all the way and I don't think that has changed. If San Jose wins this thing in 7 then I'll change my outlook!
May 1, 2008 1:57 PM ET | Delete
And before your Sharks won so many games in March, Dallas won 14 of 16 in April. Oh, and 7 of 10 in this postseason!
May 2, 2008 12:47 AM ET | Delete
lol well its good that u care ive been up and about getting ready for college these days. but thats beside the point we all have up and down win streaks thats for sure. but u cant compare the skill level of a team thats 5th and 2nd i mean ill give u all the win over anahiem boy i hate the ducks but i still think the sharks are gonna win i mean what other team other than the sharks have a toilet seat hanging on the entrence to there locker room. non exactly what i thougt. but back to the facts yes if dallas wins it will show determination and skill but u dont understand that if the sharks win tomorrow then it will be considered a sucess for this team no matter what happens even further. Plus if u guys take this to game 6 then u will be way to pressured to getting it done and ur gonna play the best road team in the NHL so i still believe that if u dont win tomorrow it all over (this message was a complete mess but u know what im getting at.) hopefully we will read a new blog tomorrow mabye a good one towards the sharks mabye a good one towards the stars but only the players now what they can do and not. So until then have a good day and good luck
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