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Notes from Big D

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Thanks to Brett Favre, Cowboys' training camp, and the Texas Rangers actually still in the playoff hunt, there is very little news about the STARS to report!

According to Mike Heika from the Dallas Morning News ... Les Jackson has told him that the STARS will not contact Mark Parrish about playing for Dallas this season. Apparently they are too close to the cap and they have full confidence in the youth. However, according to the numbers, it appears the STARS have nearly $2-million left in cap space and Parrish would make around $750,000. As I have said for the last several years ... the STARS still need one more scoring winger. Parrish could fill that role. Surely some sort of deal could be worked out. Furthermore, I'm certain Parrish would be flexible considering this club looks to make a good run at the Cup.

Sean Avery was introduced to the Dallas fans yesterday as he threw out the opening pitch at the Rangers' game. It was fitting that the Rangers were playing the New York Yankees. Brendan Morrow and Marty Turco joined Avery on the field, letting us know that the past is the past and this team is looking to loftier heights.

Some games of note for your Dallas STARS this season:

*Opening Night vs. Columbus Blue Jackets

*October 18 vs. Colorado Avalanche | let the rivalry renew itself!

*October 20-23 | the New York road trip | STARS play Rangers, Devils, & Islanders

*October 25 vs. Washington Capitals | OV comes to town

*November 8 at San Jose Sharks | this could be an extremely feisty series this year considering the last couple of months last season

*December 12 vs. the hated Detroit Red Wings | Western Conference Finals Rematch | the NHL must think this is long enough for Morrow to forget about Draper's cross-check to his mouth!

*New Year's Eve vs. New Jersey Devils | the Hullenium will never be forgotten!

*January 19 at Tampa Bay Lightening | Richards goes home against the completely revamped Bolts

*January 25 NHL All-Star Game in Montreal

*March 1 vs. Pittsburgh Penguins | Sid the Kid and Evgeni Malkin

*March 8 vs. Montreal Canadiens | Guy's back in town

*April 7-10 | STARS wrap up the season on a 3-game road trip vs. Minnesota Wild, Colorado Avalanche, and Anaheim Ducks

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August 7, 2008 2:27 PM ET | Delete
Damn Avery.... Gonna be watching alot of Stars games. In my mind Avery will always be a " TX" Ranger. Go Get em Aves
August 7, 2008 5:35 PM ET | Delete
If you guys are looking for a solid winger, Parrish would definitely fit the bill. I always liked him in Minnesota and, for whatever reason, he fell out of favor with our coaching staff. My guess is it was because we play a largely dump and chase game that doesn't really lend its style to players who like to play in front of the net as Parrish does. What this did is largely make him a PP specialist that really couldn't find his groove even strength. Like I said though, I loved watching Grumpy play for us and would love to see him find success on another team!
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