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Finally...A Complete Game?

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It would be hard to find another game this season that was as well played from start to finish by the Penguins.

True, the Lightning played last night...and are missing key guys named Lecavalier, Gagne and Downey...but even so, the Penguins have been in similar situations recently and they have lost games like this...games they should have won.

Tonight they got good, timely goaltending from Marc Andre Fleury. Something they needed and more importantly...something he needed to provide.

They got offensive contributions from their top guys and their secondary scorers.

They played a better defensive game than any of the last ten.

They got a 2 goal lead...and despite giving up a ppg and facing a 5-3, managed to hold that lead and even increase it.

For certain, the most positive game they have played in a long while.


Can they do it again?

And again?

And again?

And again?

Tomorrow night will be a tough test against an Atlanta team that's playing well lately.

Tomorrow the Pens will be the "tired" team and the Thrashers will be rested.

Tomorrow will tell us a lot about whether or not these guys have been cured...at least partially...of the attention deficit syndrome they seem to have been suffering from for most of this season.

I wouldn't cancel that follow-up doctor's appointment just yet...but I am hopeful after tomorrow it may not be necessary after all.

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