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Times Like These

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Tragedy, almost always, makes people reassess their lives.

When something terrible happens we try to understand the 'why' part of the tragedy...and more often than not, we are still left asking the question we started with.

For some people 'faith' or religion helps to answer the 'why'.

For others who might be less inclined to believe in things they don't see, the understanding that things can just go wrong...the facts of the matter...help to answer the 'why'...at least from an earthly standpoint.

But for everybody, tragedy is something that can't be avoided. Sooner or later we all feel that pain...sorrow...grief...when something within our world changes forever and forces us to change too.

When the tragedy is ours it's tough to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We usually need the help of a lot of friends...and maybe even the power of believing in something we can't see...to get us through. It takes a lot of time and heartache to rebuild ourselves...but as long as we are here, we have to somehow move forward.

When the tragedy isn't ours, we look at it and because we have been through our own in the past we can understand, at least in some way, what others are going through. Sometimes, if we are close enough to those who are affected, we can be part of the support they need to carry on.

And when it isn't our tragedy but we can feel some of that pain and can see the situation in a little bit of a different light than those who are so close to it, we owe it to ourselves...and those people who are affected...and maybe even the rest of the world...to let the tragedy help make us better people.

Times Like These by Foo Fighters

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Pavol Demitra...although I never met him or spoke to him, he was one of my favorite players in the late 90's and early 2000's. It's a weird thing when someone like that is gone. You feel a connection to them that really doesn't exist. You create this in your mind...a favorite player image...and even though it's just that, you still feel a certain amount of sorrow at his passing. It's that little pain that helps you understand how much more there is, and inconceivable amount really, when an entire group of people...all with families and close friends...perish like this. It's a time like this when you count your blessings...family...friends...the life you have...and realize that some of the things that hold you back from being the best you can be, should be tossed away.

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Nice blog
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Good read.
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