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Like an Onion...

Posted 10:28 AM ET | Comments 1
Disclaimer: this is not a blog about hockey...

Baseball...the professional sport...is like an onion...

Peel back one layer of deception and sure enough, there is another rotten one just below it.

The recent comments made by Mark McGwire, Jose Canseco and Tony LaRussa are a glaring example of this.

McGwire finally admits to using steroids...although he said he did not use them to get bigger and stronger...then says that they DID NOT help him hit more home runs. LaRussa, then backs up McGwire by saying similar things.

Obviously, these comments are constructed in such a way to try and save the sinking "Mark McGwire For The Baseball Hall of Fame" ship. Maybe, if somehow we could be convinced that McGwire could have hit as many home runs as he did without steroids...in his 30's...(not to mention how far some of them traveled)...then we could also convince ourselves that he is worthy of the Hall of Fame.


Jose Canseco, as crazy as he seems at times (like trying to be a fighter), has at least been fairly honest with the media for some time now...outting baseball as a whole when it comes to the steroid issue. He has said that McGwire and LaRussa are lying. At least Canseco is willing to say aloud what we all know to be the truth anyway.

I guess there is a possibility that McGwire and LaRussa's comments, since they seem so difficult to comprehend unless they take us for total idiots, are actually more veiled attempts to convey that baseball is more corrupt than we think. Translation...it's OK for us to deny that steroids made McGwire hit more home runs because there are/were so many players using steroids that if everybody had stopped, he still would have been a great home run hitter...realtive to the rest of the league.

My head hurts just trying to think through this mess.

And there is the main problem with baseball...and PROBABLY a lot of other professional sports as well. We are constatly reminded that "What you see is not really what you think you see."

The top layer of the onion looks fine until it starts to get brown. If you remove a layer, it looks ok...for a little while...then it eventually it turns brown too.

Baseball is like an onion...one that's rotten to it's core.
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January 14, 2010 12:40 AM ET | Delete
What's there to lie about anyways. They weren't illegal in MLB during that time period. So if he had a prescription from a doctor would all be forgotten? Who cares anyways. That's 2006 news.
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