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I try to be a realistic person.

I also try to be an optimistic person.

Sometimes these two things run a head on collision course for one another.

When it comes to the Penguins, and their ability to keep their Stanley Cup Finals roster "MOSTLY" in place, this is surely the case.

But today I am crossing my fingers.

I am holding out hope that some of the recent transaction activity and rumors that are circulating at the draft, are indications of good things for the Penguins.

The first bit of good news comes from Geno Malkin's agent. The story has been published here and it indicates that Geno WANTS to stay in the Burgh and is interested in signing a deal that will keep him here...even if it is below the market value.

The second good news item involves the Habs. They made a deal to get Alex Tanguay and the rumor mill is churning that Sundin may be interested in playing in Montreal too.

This seems to mean good news as far as Hossa goes.

While it does not mean Hossa will sign with the Pens, it seems less likely that he will end up in Montreal...and that was one of the main places he was rumored to be heading.

Could it be that the big pieces of the Penguins Cup Finals team have agreed to stick together for a while? Could it be that the things that SEEM true, really are TRUE? That guys LIKE playing on this team and that they want to stay together so they can make another run at the hardware next year?

I am keeping my fingers crossed!!!
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June 23, 2008 10:54 AM ET | Delete
Icedog, if Hossa was really into staying with the Penguins, he would have done so before July 1. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to drop all the cliche lines about loving the team, city, fans, etcs, then saying, 'yeeeeeaaaah, but I'm gonna look at free agency anyway so I know exactly how much money I'll be turning down to sign here." I hope I'm wrong, but I don't feel that it looks good. I will say that if Shero offered the rumored 7 million for 5 years, that is an insult to a player of that caliber. Hossa will have offers for at least 8.5 million. 1.5 mill less than market value, especially every year over 5 years or more, is not a hometown discount. I question whether you can even ask a player who has only been on your team for 2 months to take a hometown discount in signing likely the last big contract of his career.
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