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Tuesday...Pens and Caps at the Igloo...7:30

The Caps have to play the Bruins tonight...the Pens will be fresh tomorrow, a couple of days after a come from behind win against the Thrashers.

The Pens should win easily...ok...kidding...

The Capitals have had a GREAT regular season...and they are the President's Trophy winners. They have won 51 games (to date) and will be the ONLY team in the league to score over 300 goals this season. They have not lost to the Penguins yet this season.

They are a VERY formidable opponent.

The Penguins are trying to find their playoff form and MAYBE the little gift they got Saturday, by way of a Jordan Leopold OT goal (props to Moose in the loss...tough break on that goal), is the kind of mental boost this team needs to find it's focus and determination.

They are in need of a strong 60 minute (or more)...WINNING...effort.

Although the playoffs don't start until mid month, I think this game is a MUST win for the Penguins.

While I believe you can "turn it on" in the playoffs...under the right circumstances... generally, that is an ill-advised approach...and one these Penguins should not consider as an option.

I say, turn it on tomorrow night...

Show the Capitals what it will take to beat YOUR team in the playoffs.

Show them what they will need to do if they want a chance to take YOUR Stanley Cup.

Make a statement Tuesday night.

...and for these last 4 games....

Show the rest of the league that you are no letting that cup go.

Show them you are ready to defend YOUR championship.

This is a Test...Only a Test...but one the Penguins need to pass with flying colors if they expect to "rightfully" defend their championship when the playoffs start.

P.S. Maybe a little melodramatic on my part?


But then again, maybe not so much...if you think about it in the context of how badly the Caps and other teams are going to want that CUP...it doesn't sound all that crazy, does it?
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