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I regulalry read the bloggers blogs. During the playoffs last year and this year, I have paid closer attention to the blogs of our playoff rivals, the Senators.

I enjoy getting into the occasional "discussion" about what the blogger said...and during playoff time it usually ends up being a lot more about "fans" of the teams voicing their opinions about how their team will win.

Last night I posted a reply or two on Kevin Lee's blog.

I think I responded to another posters comment...some things that were stated as "fact" were really a lot more of the "opinion" nature and I suggested that the poster realize that.

And I also made one post after the Pens/Sens game.

The gist of it was that we had not seen the best of the Sens yet...that the Pens only won 1 game and that they need to realize that 4 games wins a series (I think I said pretty much the same thing last year about the Sens when the Pens lost game 1).

Then at the end of my post, I made ONE comment about Kevin Lee's most recent blog. I said that I thought he should refrain from calling players (his own players) names. That he should be more respectful of them and that I thought it was a shame that he did that.

Low and behold, when I returned to that blog today, I COULD NOT FIND MY POSTS...and when I tried to post a comment to another post...I was told by the system my posting privelages have been REVOKED until 12:00 AM on 4/11.


I didn't use profane language, call anybody names or say anything that was inappropriate. Why on earth was I banned?

I made another comment about Kevin last year...saying that I thought he needed a little more objectivity in his writing if he wanted to be considered a sports writer...as opposed to just a 'FAN'. After all, his title on the site does say "Sports Writer".

You read this blog and you tell me if this is a sportswriter or a fan.

In particular, the name calling I am referring to is in this paragraph...followed by the sentence that disturbed me the most about his blog:

Dany Coastley lived up to his nickname in fine form. At least he was consistent at one thing, not moving his feet or playing with any passion from start to finish. Heatley you are wearing an "A" and it would be nice if you led by example, but I guess that would be asking for too much, wouldn't? Gutless!

He basically called Heatley out and called him gutless.

And because I said I thought that was wrong, I was banned from posting on his blog...

That is really pathetic...

HE should be banned from posting on HIS OWN blog.
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