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Wednesday night...4/14/2010...the alarm sounds at 7pm.

The playoffs started for the Penguins and the team woke up from what seems like a season long slumber.

Well...for about 10 minutes.

That's about how long they "got to their game" on Wednesday.

Long enough to bang some bodies...draw a penalty...and score an early power play goal to go up 1-0 in game one.

Then, as the game wore on...we saw what we have become so accustomed to seeing throughout this season.


The Penguins went back to sleep.

Sure, the Senators had SOMETHING to do with making the Penguins feel tired and in need of a nap. They, despite less than stellar goaltending (see Marc Andre Fleury about that too), managed to play the Penguins more the way THEY wanted to than the way the Penguins wanted to.

But one would think that after resting since about game 7 of last year's Stanley Cup Final...that the Penguins would be ready to stay awake for a while.

One would think that a team that "knows what it takes" to win a cup...would find the desire to show it for 60 minutes on Wednesday night.

Uh...no such luck.

I watched the Coyotes beat the Red Wings tonight. BOTH teams seemed hungry and the Yotes pulled out a well earned win.

Maybe the Penguins just lack that hunger. Two finals in two years might have made the whole thing less appetizing to them.

Sure...Malkin, Kunitz and Talbot seemed to be hungry tonight. But a lot of other guys appeared to be...well fed.

I heard Paul Steigerwald say something like "..hitting, forechecking, cycling down low, that's the Penguin's game."

I honestly chuckled out loud when I heard that.

Since when? Oh yeah...that was game 7 of LAST YEAR'S finals again.

Frankly...I am tired of HEARING about any/all of it.

The time for talking is OVER.

Good intentions don't amount to wins.

Hard work and desire amount to wins now.

The alarm sounded again at the end of the game.


What will it be this time?

Wake up...or hit the snooze bar...again...

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April 19, 2010 12:25 PM ET | Delete
Looks like they decided to wake up...I was starting to get worried...
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