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...I think Brendan Shanahan will do a great job as the new league disciplinarian. He has the combination of playing experience, intelligence and common sense to understand how the game should be played and officiated.

...I'm NOT REALLY DIGGING the new Predators home uniforms. Maybe when I see them in game action my mind will change, but right now, I'm reminded too much of the Bruins old 3rd jerseys. http://www.ontheforecheck...ors-home-jerseys-official

...I'm thinking the extension the Flyers signed with JVR is a win for the club. Maybe I'm overestimating his ability, but I think this kid is just starting to find out what he can do.

...Similarly, the Sharks signed Logan Couture to an extension...for less years and money...but a smart move by the club. In both cases, these guys will be making good money BUT you'd expect them to be motivated enough to try and prove they will be worth even bigger dollars in the future.

...I can't believe Jaromir Jagr will score his 1600th NHL point next season...IN A FLYER's UNIFORM! I'm not sure, but I think there's a chance a black hole will appear in the arena when this happens.

...Jarome Iginla (one of my all time favorite players) will likely score his 500th goal next season. He's a guy that I really want to see hoist the cup. I just get the feeling it will never happen in Calgary. As time goes on, I think his only chance might be if he can do it with a different team...a la Ray Bourque with the Avs.

...I am really getting old...Joe Thornton turned 32 in July. It seems like it was just yesterday I watched his first game and everybody commented on how he was only a kid and it would take some time for him to grow into his frame.

...Evgeni Malkin has the chance to show everybody he can be the best player in the league (again). With the chances of Sidney Crosby playing anytime before New Year's (if at all in 2011-12) seemingly growing slimmer by the day, Malkin is in a position to be 'the man' again. He seemed to enjoy...and certainly excelled in...the role the last time around. I am very optimistic that IF Malkin can stay healthy...a decent sized IF...he will once again be a force to be reckoned with.

...I think the Reebok 'Black Ice' jersey's are hideous. Ok...maybe some of them will look OK...but for the most part, like it says in the linked article...it looks like TRON hockey...

...I'd be shocked if Daniel Briere was named the Flyer's captain over Chris Pronger.

...It looks more and more like Marc Savard's playing days are over. This is sad. I remember watching him start to show signs of promise in Calgary and I picked him up in a fantasy league which prompted another owner to say "What are you going to do when he breaks his lucky stick?" I responded with, "The guy is going to be a point per game player." After a few injuries in Calgary, he found his game and up until 2009-10, he was that or better in Atlanta and Boston. Although Savard might have had a sketchy reputation in the locker room (http://causewaycrowd.com/...n-the-stanley-cup-no-way/) from a fans point of view, I enjoyed watching him play. The saddest part of all is the hit that (likely) sent his career down the drain was completely meaningless.

...Why can't Drew Doughty get this contract with the Kings signed already? The Kings just improved the team (you would think) and Kopitar should be back at full strength to start the season. I know there are some issues about the length of the deal, but how bad can it be to play professional hockey in Hollywood?

...and finally...this one is for the fantasy hockey fans out there....

Who would you keep (can keep 1 defenseman) between Doughty, Yandle and Phaneuf?

I am in a 14 team league and I draft 13th. We score on your basic stats (goals, assists etc) but we also give points (fractions of points actually) for shots/hits/blks for defenseman. With those stats included, Phaneuf AVERAGED about the same as Doughty and Yandle did last year. The scoring formula can be found here (http://www.fhmastermind.c...&id=40&Itemid=133).

I am thinking that I might throw caution to the wind and try to move BOTH Doughty and Yandle for draft pick swaps...trying to improve my 1st and/or 3rd round picks.

My thoughts are:

1) Toronto has improved and Phaneuf has been a 'keeper' in the past.
2) I like Yandle, but the whole Phoneix thing is shakey and I'm not convinced they will be as good without Brzygalov there.
3) Doughty will likely sign a huge deal and then play below standard or...worse yet...get injured.

Looking for thoughts on this and any of the other items above.

Please check out AND contribute if you want (writer's wanted for team/player fantasy forecasting!!!):

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Great read Ice...
September 1, 2011 9:17 AM ET | Delete
Thanks...saddened by the Belak news from late yesterday. Seems like more than just tragic coincidence these "tough guys" are having so many problems with depression. Too many YOUNG lives lost this year...
September 1, 2011 12:34 PM ET | Delete
Preds new home jerseys look completely different in person than they do in photos. The photos all make it look like a yellow tint when the truth is that it's a gold color that leans slightly towards orange. In pictures, not so great. In person, really nice duds.
September 2, 2011 10:43 AM ET | Delete
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