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Earlier this post season Lindy was having a few different offers surfacing for him to take before he would sign with the Buffalo Sabres as we know. He was actually thinking about moving up the ladder in the NHL, just not with the Buffalo Sabres. The offer was wonderful but was never taken due to his wife loving buffalo so much and wanting to stay instead of a pay increase.

He was going to an interview for the GM spot for the Columbus Blue Jackets. He was a top pick by the Columbus organization to become their GM since they have gotten rid of theirs. This source is a very solid source. Before Drury and Briere were gone, Lindy wanted to stay and keep the same team he had before but he didn't realize our front office was going to let them pass by to other teams. Lindy is having second thoughts on his contract status and the job he could be at now.

I think Lindy Ruff is a stand up guy who knows his hockey, and is very professional and knowledgable. I just hope in the next 3 years we do something to keep him here. Loyalty only goes so far with anyone. If others in the organization don't do their job and make the decisions that are best for the team and not for inside politics then we might get a cup yet.
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Nice piece...especially thats its an info that never hit any sites. It's very believable since most teams that need GMs really need to exhaust all possibilities, and Ruff is VERY well-respected. Certainly a better candidate than Mike Milbury. But luckily for Sabres fans that the MOST important element to any playoff push is still there and leading behind the bench.
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I agree, Ruff is the most important person in the organization and should be kept happy. I think that Reiger (spelling) should consult with Lindy Ruff about the choices he makes on who he keeps and such. I just think it would be difficult to put so much trust into someone and have that person let your two captains go. It's not so much that it was Briere and Drury but it was the team co-captains, the leaders of the whole squad. I can see why he would be angry over a situation such as that, I think anyone would be personally.
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