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Modin has had injury problems, that's a given and out in plain sight. He has also said there has been "progress", which you can take with a grain of salt because we've heard it before enough to say we will believe it when we see it. There's one thing though that Modin has been neglecting, and it's a very discouraging thought after hearing about it. Modin has been staying within the organization to take care of his back injury. What I really don't get is why he wouldn't get a second opinion especially with the history of what it seems like Modin playing doctor with himself and not doing what he needs to do to get back on the ice with the best information he could possibly get so he can become 100% healthy with no worries. This is a bad practice in my eyes, especially considering the injury plague that has swept over this team so much. Hopefully they wise up a bit and get their heads in the game. To make the playoffs they will need to step it up a lot, and very quickly.

Vyborny is off of IR and returned tonight against the Kings. He was scoreless but working on getting back in the groove of things after being out since December 1st. He is the team leader in games and points, and keeping him healthy is imparative to the Jackets if they want to even salvage this season from the quicksand they have been stuck into.

Jackets won 2-1 tonight

Quick recap of the night

Hainsey - 1 assist
Hedja - 1 assist
Novotny - 1 goal
Zherdev - 1 goal and 1 assist

This win was a good start to a hopeful streak. The Kings aren't a great team this year to say the least. Nashville is next up on deck on Sunday.

More to come tomorrow with news coming in about a trade rumor heard tonight from a call I got in. See you then!
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I'm a Tampa fan and when Modin was with us he was incredible. Good puck possession player, INCREDIBLE shot, a great guy. He never had injury problems with us and I dont believe he did with Toronto either. He might just be getting old and his body isnt aging so well. He was a great player for Tampa though and there isnt a week that goes by that we wish we hadnt dealt him.
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