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Let there be light!

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Someone turned off the lights instead of just setting them to dim. Did someone get fired today?

This is on Yahoo, I thought it was a little funny, so I thought I would share this.

Also check out my other blog that I posted earlier about a certain rookie!


A lighting mixup delayed the start of the NHL season opener between the Anaheim Ducks and the Los Angeles Kings by 16 minutes.

After the singing of the American and British national anthems, the lights failed to come back on. Players on both teams skated around, but were soon told to head back into the locker rooms.

The lights slowly came back on and the players returned after 10 minutes. The game started soon after.

The NHL said the lights were turned off for the national anthems rather than just shaded, making it impossible to turn them back on quickly.

The Kings and Ducks are playing the first regular-season NHL game in Europe. The league has opened its season outside of North America three times, all in Japan, in 1997, '98 and 2000.
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