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Hitch is 0-8-2 against the Predators. If you want to go by the history of this horrid record, I think that Leclaire should be placed in net tonight considering his season thus far and being fresh. However they are placing Norrena in net again because he's only let in 4 goals in the past 200 minutes of play.

Modin will not return today and still has not got a second opinion for his back. I really can't see a reason why you wouldn't get a second opinion if what you're doing now obviously isn't working very well. Time will tell and hopefully it will become obvious to him that what he is doing isn't working out and is effecting the team negatively. 6 games being playing this season thus far is unacceptable for someone that was such a solid player before coming to Columbus.

Peca returns tonight from his groin injury and seems to be a good luck charm when he is actually playing. Injury prone Peca (when he actually is playing), gives the Jackets a positive record. When he's not playing their record is 3-5-2.

On a side note, and a christmas wish for the Jackets, I would love to see Byfuglien come to Columbus. I am almost certain the Hawks would never let him go since he's such a diverse player, but we all have wishes and that is mine for the holiday season.

Inside information from my Blue Jackets source: A trade with Calgary is being talked about in terms for a defensemen coming to Columbus for a top pick and a prospect. More talk on this when it becomes more involved.
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