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A lot of talk has gone on about how the two cities who should get the expansion teams when they do actually come out with them is Las Vegas and Kansas City. I don't see how either of these cities really should get a team considering they are both considered low in the ratings pools for popular sports cities. Don't get me wrong I know KC loves their Royals and their Chiefs... but are they a hockey team?

Las Vegas isn't a sports city. Las Vegas is where you go to bet on all other cities that can handle a professional team and actually not sink into the ground after a year. Why this city was picked is beyond me considering what do they have as professional teams? Exactly...

I think Quebec or Winnepeg should get a shot at getting a team back. If not both of them I really think bringing back an old team would work well not with just nastalgia but with revenues in those cities. Hartford would be a team to think about bringing back also.

I also would consider Hamilton as a city.

I guess I should compile a list so here goes!

1.) Quebec
2.) Winnepeg
3.) Hartford
4.) Hamilton

These would be my top 4 picks. What do you guys consider a town that would be great for hockey?

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Of all the Canadian cities that do not have a franchise Hamilton would be the one with the best chance of financial survival. They have a fan draw of over 5 million people. Will be sold out every game just like Toronto and Montreal. The two major problems are too close to Toronto and Buffalo as well as Bettman would try to block it because he hates the idea of Canada having another franchise. The sentimental favour of course is Quebec and an outside choice would be Halifax. People from Toronto would like to see another franchise there but they have the same obstacle as being too close to the Leafs.
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Hartford would be the best US city in the East and Houston would be the best city in the Mid west But I like Hamilton for a Canadian City and if there are two transfers in the east them Hartford as the second pick. Arizona best bet would be oil rich Texas - Houston.
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