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After listening to Ek's idea on the talk show earlier in the week about having the idea of handing out Hockey Buzz hats at the Winter Classic this year and needing people to help contribute to pay for this idea an idea popped into my head. As small as this may seem (I am by far not a rich man) I want to auction off my autographed Alexander Ovechkin Puck. This puck was signed by Alexander The Great himself and has been placed into a plastic hockey puck protector so it will not be damaged.

Whatever money is made by selling this puck will go to Ek as a contribution to get the hats made for the game on New Years day. I guess I will try to be the Catalyst in raising money so that we can promote this site more to other hockey fanatics such as ourselves.

Look soon for the auction rules/instructions to become available.
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December 2, 2007 9:39 AM ET | Delete
Very cool of you Mat. Ill definitely be making a bid.I PM'd Ek to tell him I would love to help out anyway I can with this, even if I dont have anything cool to auction.
December 2, 2007 7:30 PM ET | Delete
Cool man, I haven't heard anything on how he wants to do this but once I hear back from him I will let you know.
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