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The Jackets traveled to Beantown last night to face the Bruins in what might be a very silent ride back to Columbus for the Jackets. To get shutout in any sport at
any level is always discouraging to say the least. Many of the Jackets weren't as
down as many teams would be, instead they were thinking positive as this was a
learning experience from a great defense they went up against. Considering the Bruins are the only team in the NHL this season thus far that haven't lost consecutive games. (They lost to Flames on the 13th of this month last week.) If consistency could speak it would of told you that there's a great chance Boston was going to win last night. Of course you can always say that there's always
someone out there that will break that type of consistency. If there's a team to do it, the jackets would be one of the teams that could.

To Recap the highlights of the game:

1.) Zherdev would deke past Chara (Instead of what Derek Roy of the Buffalo
Sabres didn't try doing last game they had recently against the Bruins. Roy tried
hitting Chara and bounced off of him. I really think that Chara didn't even think
twice about it as if he were a leaf blowing in the wind that happened to come in
contact with him) and get a nice wrist shot on goal but would be robbed by the zealous Alex Auld worried glove.

In the second period Rick Nash would get an opportunity at a breakaway on
goaltender Alex Auld (who is fighting for a position on the roster again for the rest
of the season instead of being sent back down) as a pad save would save this
determined goalie to keep the shutout going for the rest of the night.

Pascale Leclaire has told my source that he's been doing hamstring workouts that
have healed his hamstring to about 99% since his slight injury earlier in the month.
He's been in a small amount of pain while playing but it feels much more comfortable now. Leclaire is back in net on the 18th against the Flames.

The lines of last night were as follows:

1st Line - Rick Nash, Michael Peca, Nikolai Zherdev.

2nd Line - Curtis Glencross, Sergei Fedorov, Jared Boll.

3rd Line - Jason Chimera, Manny Malhotra, Dan Fritsche.

4th Line - Jody Shelley, Jiri Novotny, Kris Beech.
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