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When I think of my childhood with growing up with the Sabres, the best time watching them was when I was about 9 years old. My first memories about watching the Sabres were at a time when they played when I was in bed. My mother would wake me up (Obviously they weren't late games but I was young!) and she would let me watch the Sabres game with her for a little while before I had to go back to bed. She knew how big of a fan I was, even at age 9.

I remember having Jerseys, Magazines, Posters and all that fan jazz you get (Which I still get those things of course!).

The most memorable team for me to watch and remember were the likes of:

Dale Hawerchuk

Pat LaFontaine

Dave Andreychuk

Alexander Mogilny

Donald Audette

Doug Bodger

Petr Svoboda

Christian Ruuttu

Ken Sutton

Dave Snuggerud

Brad May

Rob Ray

Rick Vaive

Mike Ramsey

Pierre Turgeon

Clint Malarchuck

Darren Puppa

Looking back on these players, I think this was my favorite Roster probably because it's the first roster I can remember to be honest with you. However while watching these guys play with each other it seemed real good. I look back at the record and I see this:

Buffalo Sabres

80 Games
31 Wins
37 Losses
12 Ties
74 Points
289 Goals for
299 Goals Against

The funny thing about being 9 years old, you really don't see it as a win or a loss at that age. Looking back on the actual time of it, it was amazing to me what you see them do on the ice. Each game I woke up to watch, or each game I went to was about watching my team. It's great to think that it would of been better to look back on if it was a winning season, but you know what? That honestly doesn't make a difference because that little kid watching the hockey he loves and has loved for the past 15+ years watching them was what it was all about, the Sabres.

Alexander Mogilny was my favorite player on the whole team. "Alexander The Great" as Rick Jeanneret being the one to hand him his nick name. He was lightning fast with his speed and was an intense player. This was part of when the Europeans were really getting into the league more and more. He scored a great 84 points that season which was a wonderful point total. Everytime I would watch Mogilny he would be the fastest person on the ice. If I would have to compare him to someone that is on the Sabres roster right now, I would have to say he's close to Maxim Afinogenov in style and speed.

Mogilny was not only a childhood hero to Ovechkin who recently had handed down his nickname to, but was also a hero to me growing up. Mogilny was a huge part of the Sabres Organization and to him I salute him and honor the memory he has given me for a life time. Cheers to you Alex!

(He did a lot better the next year with 127 points for the season tieing with Teemu Selänne for total points that season."
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Looking back on the actual time of it, it was amazing to me what you see them do on the ice. Synthetic Grass Installation
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