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Nash sat out with a sore throat closing his air passage making it hard to breath. Nash missing the game didn't seem to make the Jackets lose a beat at all. They have been one of the most unluckiest bunch in the league this year with an ever growing injury bug creeping back and forth between the ranks of the Jackets locker room. Nash is also to miss the predators game coming up.

The biggest issue I have right this minute is with Michael Peca. He left pre-skate with a headache reports the Columbus Dispatch. Pop some Tylenol (make sure it's not PM Mikey!) and get your skates moving again. As far worst injuries plague this team, a headache shouldn't stop you from anything in the league unless you call a concussion a headache. Buck up or buck out Mike, your team needs you.

I must say that the Jackets defense when it's on, it's on. When it's off it's horrible. Mark Recchi of the Thrashers didn't get one single shot on net the entire game, which is a rare thing. With this injury prone team coming out of the wood work and showing they can win without Nash and all of their injured starters they finally worked as a team and it showed last night. I haven't seen the Jackets play like that since the beginning of the season. I hope this is a trend setter for the rest of the year.

Hitchcock reported after the game very pleased with the teams victory and will not expect it more often than not. "We played really hard. We did an unbelievable job of checking and creating chances. The first 10 minutes of the second period is about as well as we've played all year."

Leclaire had 21 saves and an assist last night marking his 7th shut out of the year and surpassing Henrik Lundqvist to become the top goaltender with the most shutouts this year thus far.

Leclaire is also 2nd in the league to Chris Osgood with a 1.97 GAA

My question of the day is, why is Norrena starting against the Predators? If a goalie is hot, stick with it....
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Amazing that the Jackets can win games without Nash. Anyway, I wish I wouldve seen the whole game, it actually sounded kind of exciting. Instead I watched Purdue beat Central Michigan...a game they had no buisness in neither being there or winning.
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