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As it's been said before, I am not sure why but the Rangers are trying to acquire Adam Foote. Adam Foote is the old NHL that hasn't made the transition to the new NHL. Unfortunately as rude as that may sound it's entirely true. I would not place any success from the Blue Jackets on Adam Foote as the captain. He hasn't brought hope or even confidence enough in the team as a captain to even wear the C on his shoulder.

Would this be a great trade for the Jackets? Of course! However the issue is Foote has a no trade clause in his contract unless he approves of it. As a favor from all the fans of the Jackets, please accept the offer if they do place an offer on the table Adam, it would be very nice of you to get into a more suitable role for you with a team that has their captains in place already. I'll take Petr Prucha over Adam Foote any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

I for one know that most of the fans out there for the Jackets will actually like this trade more than hate it.

My lady friend inside the Jackets org. said that "Foote is happy where he is." I asked why and was told "Is there really a question of why? think about it."

Ok... well just because he's captain doesn't mean the move isn't that good for him... Control freak maybe? Who knows!

Just a hope that Foote himself would stumble on here and say "Yeah, he's right I hope I go to the Rangers!" However, no drug on earth could make me believe that would ever happen.

I really don't want to lose Vyborny in this trade though, which is also rumored to happen...

Just crossing my fingers is all!
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