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This is the map of the seating at The Ralph before I get into the tailgating aspect of it I would like to point out that There will be more seats than people think. The stadium field has a lot of potential to be shrunk down to fit more people so it can fit the rink as well.

Since there's a new scoreboard JumboTron in the stadium which is literally the largest in the United States, it will be an awesome feeling to be able to watch it from the scoreboard as well on replays.

Here is how disgusting (in a good way) this scoreboard is.

The black and white Daktronic Scoreboard is a matrix system designed to compliment the SONY JumboTron Videoboard. It is a digit scoreboard system, operated by a series of computers, that enables you to place numbers or letters anywhere within the board. It requires a minimum of 3 computer operators. It is also capable of displaying such information as down and distance, game score, statistics, out-of-town scores and animations. Six independent boards make up the Daktronics system. The Game-in-Progress board meaasures 8' x 39' with 17,024 lamps. The Out-of-Town board measures 8' x 22' with 9,856 lamps. Two of the sideline boards measure 4' x 40' with 2,560 lamps per unit. The two additional sideline boards measure 4' x 52' with 3,328 lamps per unit.

The Sony Jumbotron scoreboard: Largest Color Videoboard in the United States.

This stadium will hold over 80,000 people once all the modifications are done on this. I know we can fill that amount and be sold out within a day or so.


Tailgating at The Ralph is always a fun thing to do, especially in the winter. For those who arent' from Buffalo, or haven't experienced a tailgating at the Ralph even in the dead of winter is a warm event with a lot of friends.

I was thinking last night while I was going over my Fantasy Hockey League that we should get a HockeyBuzz.com tailgating area and we should discuss the prime places to have it.

Now asking the fans of hockey, not just the Buffalo Sabres fans, but Pittsburgh as well. Where would you like to have the tailgating at?

There's options of the actual parking lot that is near the Ralph, which can get to be fun but also run into a lot of people other than the people you want to run into. If you're not into that (Which personally I actually am because it's fun to be social and drunk) then I would suggest not picking that. Here you can share stories and interact with pretty much everyone there.

The other option is the dirtmound parking lot that is South West of the Entrance to the actual stadium and it costs less to park! hehe. This is secluded behind the brush and trees that landscape around the property of the Ralph. It not only costs less to park, but it also is just as close as some of their own parking, which makes no sense in price but I am not going to debate low prices obviously.

If there are any other options you all may have feel free to let them loose. The sooner we can figure this out, the sooner we can get everything going for a great game.

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August 26, 2007 6:32 PM ET | Delete
I would be game either way!
August 26, 2007 10:25 PM ET | Delete
I don't see it happen this year, maybe next year. They would have made an announcement or started to promote it if it was going to be this year.
August 27, 2007 10:40 AM ET | Delete
The NHL is supposedly going to make an official announcement within a few weeks, according to the media anyway.... I think it will happen and I don't think they need to promote it much to sell out the game. Once it is official, a few weeks of advertising should be good enough...
August 28, 2007 1:09 AM ET | Delete
And you and me can get totally wasted....You can streak...The five hole bit doesn't work for me....Wait Im going to Pittburgh. Sorry your on your own.
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