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I was looking over what the capitals have been doing this off-season and just placing it in my mind what is actually going on with this team. You would think that the team would have a better standing with the talent that seems to come out of there don't you? Some will argue that there is no talent... well that's just hog-wash.

Alexander Ovechkin is an obvious 100 pointer so there's no need to even try and convince anyone about his achievements and skills as a hockey player. The guys a stud and a franchise player (That is if he doesn't get sick of losing if things don't change of course)

Next up we have Michael Nylander. Nylander is an easy 90 point player if he is on his game. Nylander feeding to Ovechkin will be a wonderful sight to see and I might just get center ice this year just to watch the capitals and see how they progress with this happening.

To me this team is going to do better than last year... which might not be saying much har har har, but also there is something about how the team has been put together the last few years.

Third we have Alexander Semin. Semin had a great season last year and capitalized (no pun intended) on what was going on with his line and what he needed to do. The progression was great and I think the progression this year will be even better, possibly hitting almost 90 points depending on how his line is fed and what the second line defense can show to push the puck to him more.

Fourth we are looking at is the Rookie Nicklas Backstrom. I see Backstrom taking over Pettinger's role as the number 3 Center at least 15-20 games into the season if he can prove himself right away. The adjustment for him might not be that hard but with the help of Ovechkin and Nylander the transition should be easy one if he listens to his teammates. I see at least the same production from him as Semin if not more since he is on a weaker line with the same skill level.

The biggest need for this team is a goaltender and a bit of defense. This team has it's sharp shooters, but there is no defense on this team at all. It's a young team nonetheless and so is the defense. I think if they want to get out of the slump they are in with the high powered scoring lines they have, they are going to need to do some heavy soul searching for a few good men who can defend the net for them to score and win games.

This is a Sabres fans two cents on the Washinton Capitals. Take it or leave it but I like it either way.

September 16, 2007 8:52 AM ET | Delete
kolzig is a pretty solid goalie, and if nylander cant get 90 pts with jagr i doubt it will happen with ovechkin. that said i think washington will surprise this year, and itll help that they are in a relatively weak division
September 21, 2007 11:38 AM ET | Delete
Nice one Mat...now lets do the Leafs.....THEY SUCK!!!Good Blog man. I think They will be okay w/ Olie the Goalie he has lost a step but he is still pretty solid. Cheers!
September 21, 2007 11:54 AM ET | Delete
excellent points! offense is a premium in washington, but what the rest of the team will do is a question!! i appreciate your 2 cents!! and coming from a sabres fan, it means alot!!
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